Release Day – Shades of Blue by Dana Tanaro Britt

Today is a special day. My good friend Dana Tanaro Britt’s amazing book, Shades of Blue, releases TODAY!!! I have had the great pleasure of working with Dana for several months on this wonderful book. Can I just say…she deserves all the success she can get. Not only has she written a beautiful romance, but it is a perfect beach read as it is set on an island. So go buy it! 🙂


Shades of Blue is out now!

About Shades of Blue:


Heart-broken and reeling with grief, Charlie flees to a far-flung tropical island in search of a safe haven where she can let her treasured memories consume her. Hiding away from the world, she battles nightmares and fresh tragedy while trying to make sense of her new reality.

Living his island dream, firefighter-turned-fisherman Gabe Montgomery is determined to be Charlie’s port in her storm of pain and loss. Blindsided by life-changing revelations from his own past followed by the possibility of a terrifying personal loss, Gabe realizes that sometimes letting go is as much a part of love as holding on.

When Charlie and Gabe acknowledge their powerful connection and cling to one another for comfort and hope, both face a frightening dilemma: surrender to the past, or face the challenge and promise of a future together.

Will the memories and mistakes of the past consume them or can Charlie and Gabe hold fast to each other and the hope that will bring them to promising future together?

Author Bio:

Once upon a time, a sassy Kentucky girl fell in love with a handsome Hoosier boy. What followed is a still-unfolding story filled with laughter, starry nights, children…and pizza–yes, pizza

When Dana Britt is not writing stories of hope, home and happily ever after, she can be found porch sitting with sweet tea and a book in hand. Dana carries three things everywhere she goes: cherry chapstick, a camera, and her phone. Her idea of a perfect day is a road trip that includes sunshine, pizza, taking pictures and spending time with her own Hero and two young adult children. Dana often shares bits about it all online at–she’d love for you to stop by!

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How he’d known it was her, Gabe couldn’t say for sure, but he was certain.  Her curly hair—What were those colors? cinnamon? chestnut?—fell across her face, a blue scarf having fallen askew in the breeze.  Gabe waited, suddenly afraid he’d freaked her out— but, after all, it was she who’d ventured out in public, wasn’t it?  Charlie gestured to the other chair, still not looking at him.  

He pulled the chair out and sat, reaching out with one finger to toy with the whimsical sea glass in the shapes of shells bracelet adorning her wrist. 

“Hello, Gabe,” the familiar husky voice spoke softly, her gaze yet on the sea as if she were still gathering her courage to look at him.

 “Hello, Charlie,” he replied just as softly, looking at her, waiting. He let go of her bracelet, his hand resting on the table between them. 

Tentatively, she put her hand in his and used the other one to lift her shades, pushing back her hair and finally looking at him, her eyes a dark sapphire blue.  Her fingers gripped his tightly, surprisingly strong. 

He smiled, watching her worry the edge of her bottom lip with her teeth—a mannerism that somehow seemed to suit her. 

She took a slow, deep breath and started to speak, but stopped, her lip quivering slightly before she caught it in her teeth again.

 Gabe looked down at their linked fingers rather than stare at her as she battled for composure.  “It’s gonna be okay.” He repeated what he’d said to her many times in the dark, looking back at her face to see her tremulous smile, her eyes back out to the sea.

A freebie for you!

Burnout is a short prequel to Shades of Blue.


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