It’s Out of My Hands Now!

So far, in my writing career, I’ve released a novella and two shorts as part of two different anthologies. The publication date of my first novel is looming (I’ll let you know just as soon as I know what it is). And I’m freakin’ terrified. I just finished the copy edits for Meadow Perkins, Trusty Sidekick. Tonight, I’ll finish a final reread and send it to my awesome editor at Soulmate Publishing. Did I mention how terrified I am?

My second novel is getting closer as well. Again, totally afraid. But it’s a different kind of fear. I spent over two years writing my first novel. It was a true labor of love. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just sat down and started writing. I mostly wrote late at night. Sometimes, I parked my young children in front of Angelina Ballerina and wrote during the day. I wrote whenever I found a spare moment. This led to my involvement with 10 Minute Novelists, an awesome writing group on Facebook, and to joining the Writing Wenches. The Writing Wenches are my support system. They’ve literally kept me going whenever I wanted to throw my computer out the window and call it quits. Thank you beautiful wenchy people.

Technically, Meadow Perkins isn’t my first novel. My first novel sits gathering dust in a folder under the bed. It will live there forever or until I burn it. Sometimes that’s what happens with first novels. It’s just bad. But that’s okay! You have to write pure drivel for a while to get to the next level.

Because it’s my first real, completed novel, it feels like my baby. It may have been harder to produce than either of my children. The gestation period was most definitely longer! It might even contain more of me. In that, I think my voice is more evident than in other things I’ve written. I just laid it all on the line. The story isn’t at all an autobiography, it’s just that Meadow and I have a lot in common. When my mom read it, she said “you are Meadow.” That’s true in many ways. Most writers are fully in their work, just not always in the ways you might expect. The line between fiction and reality is very blurry and I’ll never tell which is which. Yet, knowing that I’m about to lay my soul on the line is scary af.

In just a little while, I’ll hit send on possibly the most terrifying email I’ve ever sent. And I thought querying was scary! Meadow and her story will be out of my hands and off to formatting.

I’ve just started writing the acknowledgments and it’s making me cry. Writing is a solitary pursuit in many ways. But without a team, no book would be published. I can’t wait until all the people who supported me get to read the gushy thing I’m writing. It’s pure sap.

In the meantime, here’s the cover. Some of you have already seen it. Some haven’t. Anway, I hope you love it as much as I do. J ❤

Meadow-Perkins,-Trusty-Sidekick_500x750 (1)

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