New Books, Babies, and Allergies


My children. ❤

My book releases on Wednesday. There is no huge release celebration. No party, real or in internet-land. It will probably be a quiet day. It’s not because I don’t want those things. It’s because my priorities have taken a sharp turn in the past few days.

My son has severe allergies, both food and environmental. It is a thing we live with all day long every day. Most of the time, we “forget” about it and go on. By forget, I mean that we try not to worry all the time. Of course, we worry all the time, but we try to make it seem like not a big deal while paying attention to everything he eats and his general surroundings.

On Thursday, he had a very severe reaction and one of his teachers (hero) had to administer the epi-pen. I got there a few minutes later and within a few minutes we were on the way to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. By the time we left, he’d had steroids and two adult-size albuterol treatments. He was bouncing off the walls like a ping pong ball. We thought it was an isolated incident. Then it happened again. We did not need to use an epi but it was very close.

This is what allergy parents do. This is why it actually physically hurts when we hear people’s comments in which they wonder why they can’t send their child to school with a peanut butter sandwich. Or when people claim food allergies are psychosomatic or something. These are all things I’ve heard before, sadly. No one has said it to me personally, but I’ve seen it on Facebook (the root of all evil) plenty of times. (I’ve met some wonderful people and had some great exchanges on the old Facebook, but I think we can agree that the worst of humanity appears on there every day.)

In our case, we can’t always pinpoint the exact thing that triggered a reaction because his list of potential triggers is about seven pages long between food allergies and environmental ones. I have a theory, but we may never know.

For now, I’m so grateful to have a job that allows me to be flexible and available for medical emergencies.

It’s not Thanksgiving, but here’s a list of people I’m grateful to and thankful for: my children’s teachers, our supportive family, the sweet and wonderful EMS people, my editor for taking a chance on me, everyone who helped in any way with getting Meadow Perkins, Trusty Sidekick to publication.

While we are talking about my book baby, I just want to say how astonished I am that my book releases in two days. It’s a young adult novel that I started writing when I was in the depths of post-partum depression. It was a way to get a break from the constant terror I felt during that time. Writing this book reignited my passion for writing and was the window to let in the figurative light. Without Meadow, I never would have met my writing friends who are so supportive of both my writing and my life.

In case you are a person that likes to pre-order, here’s the preorder link:

Meadow-Perkins,-Trusty-Sidekick_500x750 (1)

My book baby. ❤

Here’s my publisher’s link as well: 

4 thoughts on “New Books, Babies, and Allergies

  1. It’s so scary when a child is sick. Thank you for sharing. Food allergies are very dangerous and you never know until the first bad reaction. My son has a nut allergy, and reading labels and double checking everything is so hard to do without missing one, once in a while. EpiPens are important. Good luck on the release as well.

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  2. I’ll be throwing you a party, but it will be in Richmond. And I’ll be reading tomorrow! I can’t wait. I’ve loved
    Loved loved everything you’ve written so far.

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